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  • poppets
    I remember these from when they used to be sold in vending machines at Tube stations in London, [1960s/70s I think]
  • Beech Nut Chewing Gum
    My father owned a sweet shop when I was a kid and I remember him having a vending machine with this gum outside his shop, and I remember that there was a 1 in 4 chance of 2 packets for the price of 1, as the machine was programmed to give 2 packs every fourth turn. BTW Although my dad had a sweet shop I was never spoilt with lots of sweets, in fact, he was quite strict and was rationed. I did not like it t the time of course, but now as an adult, I am glad he did not spoil me this way.
  • Candy cigarettes
    Yes,but they were banned as were considered t encourage children to 'graduate' to real cigarettes when they got older. However similar is still available under the name of 'candy sticks' which are exctly the same but without the red tip,
  • Pan Yan Pickle
    Used to like this as a kid, whenever we had salad. My grandmother used t have some and when she would do us Sunday tea [usually Old Oak Ham Salad] there would always be a jar to accompany.