Popcorn Dolls

Popcorn Dolls were a division of Tonka's Cupcake Dolls I believe, but they were smaller (as popcorn is!). Basically Popcorn Dolls could start off looking like a piece of popcorn (or more like a kernel really), but then when you folded one half down, you found the doll inside - the bottom half of the popcorn became the skirt piece of a ballroom style dress, and the top piece of the popcorn was a large fancy hat for the doll. Kinda like a lame girly version of Transformers I guess :-)

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Do You Remember Popcorn Dolls?

Do You Remember Popcorn Dolls?

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    i have a popcorn doll in it's orginall box nobody has ever seen or heard of it.i would like to no more about the doll.