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My first recollection of the Police Squad! team was in the Naked Gun series of films. Off the back of their success the BBC decided to air the show, made 6 years earlier. Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker decided to take the pastiche approach of their Airplane films and apply them to the 60s and 70s cop shows that filled the US airwaves when they were younger.

Police Squad was filled with a similar amount of visual gags, literal misinterpretations and jokes at the expense of the genre, but because it was so fast paced the TV network decided viewers would find it too much effort to watch, and canned it after a mere six episodes.

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Do You Remember Police Squad!?

Do You Remember Police Squad!?

  • slightlyodd
    never be a special guest star in this show!
  • Gojira
    Who could forget the scene in the Locksmith's shop with all the keys stuck in the ceiling? Every time the door was closed, it rained keys.