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Please Sir!

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Please Sir! was comedy program set in Fen Street school. It featured the problematic class 3c, with John Alderton as Mr Hedges.

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Do You Remember Please Sir!?

Do You Remember Please Sir!?

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    This was a classic British sitcom which was hilarious when first shown. All the students had some sort of character defect and they started by running rings round their young new teacher Mr Hedges who they referred to as 'Privet'. Gradually they came to respect him as he won them over. The school was run by the totally ineffectual headmaster, under the beady watchful eye of the terrifying Miss Ewell, his deputy. The show ran its natural course, but after the departure of John Alderton (Hedges) and his original class of 5C (who presumably finally grew up) the series tried to limp on with new kids and no real direction - a classic example of a show which should have quit while it was ahead. The original series was by far the best, and I still try and catch re-runs on Sky. The film spin-off was pretty good too.
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