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Play Your Cards Right

Bruce Forsyth? Genius in my opinion.

The programme used to start with Bruce sillouetted in the middle of the stage, and as the lights came up, he'd look all surprised and walk down the stairs to the front of the stage with his arms out, as if to hug the audience. He'd continue his act of "I'm all surprised you're here" until the audience finally stopped clapping.

WHY are you surprised they're all looking at you? You're stood in the middle of a stage, adopting a Charles Atlas pose in your non-Charles Atlas body in a room full of people that have been invited to watch you.


But anyway, the game entailed being able to predict whether a playing card being turned over was greater in value than the preceeding one, or less.

The dealers may turn over a huge playing card and expose a 5 of hearts. The contestants then had to shout out "HIGHER" or "LOWER" to predict the next card. If they were correct, they got to do the same again on the next card.

If the same value card was turned over twice, you lose because as I'm sure we all know, "You get nothing for a pair."

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Do You Remember Play Your Cards Right?

Do You Remember Play Your Cards Right?

  • Anonymous user
    This began in 1980, and I used to watch it with my gran. We loved it - Brucie was a great favourite, and had been since the 1960s.