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Pinky and The Brain

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Pinky and The Brain was a cartoon about two lab mice, trapped in a cage. One was a genius (Brain) and the other, not quite as bright (Pinky). Each night Brain would hatch a new plan to take over the world!

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Do You Remember Pinky and The Brain?

Do You Remember Pinky and The Brain?

  • Anonymous user
    They show old episodes of it now on in-flight airline video, I saw one in which they take over the statue of Abraham Lincoln from the Lincoln Memorial and render it mobile on a pair of caterpillar tracks. Based in the statue's head, Pinky speaks through a loudspeaker in Lincoln's accent- all the gullible Americans think that 'Abe's spirit has returned to inhabit his effigy and guide the country back to greatness again.
  • AnythingButOrdinary7
    Pinky and The Brain, Pinky and The Brain, one is a genious, the other's insane!