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Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers was a US sitcom in which a 'regular American guy' finds himself having to share his apartment with 'Balki'- a goat-herder from the island of Meepose who turned up on his doorstep one day out of the blue asking to stay for a while (I think he said he was a long-lost cousin or something) - much xenophobic mayhem ensued.

They dated the two airline stewaresses who lived upstairs.

In one episode of Perfect Strangers, they planned a camping trip. Larry was planning on sharing his sleeping bag with Jennifer, but Balki said two could not fit. To prove they could, they both got into the sleeping bag and zipped it up so that only their faces were showing. Then the tag broke off the zipper. Watching this pair trying to get out was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. They were like a huge blue worm with two faces! Brilliant.

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Do You Remember Perfect Strangers?

Do You Remember Perfect Strangers?