Pedal Pretty

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Pedal Pretty was a doll made in 1973, about 15" tall with a stuffed cloth body, vinyl head with painted facial features and orange yarn hair. She was a rag-type doll whose feet were strapped to a tricycle so that it looked like she was pedalling when the trike was pulled!

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Do You Remember Pedal Pretty?

Do You Remember Pedal Pretty?

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    Oh yes, I remember Pedal Pretty! I got Pedal for my first birthday. We have been insperable ever since. She is my oldest and dearest friend. She was the only doll I ever showed any interest in. She has been with me through think and thin. My constant companion. She kept me safe when I was admitted to the hospital as a young child for eye surgery. She was ever so brave when the caring nurses gave her an I.V, showing my that there was nothing to fear. She has travelled the world with me. She is always up for adventure. She has been to Denmark, Sweden, France, Gremany and Holland to name a few. Pedal has changed over the years, like the rest of us, she has aged. Her beautiful red hair fell out long ago. Her face has dark smudges that are now permanant and her lips are not quite as pink as they once were. However, her eyes still twinkle blue and her smile never fails to cheer me up. She was loved out of her pretty purple dress and she was recovered when I was about 12. You could say shes has had some work done, only her feet and her butt are original. As for her trike...well, no one can recall what happend to it! But 32 years later Pedal is still one of the family. Pedal has recently started a new adventure. Pedal is back in a big girl bed tucked under the arm of a sleepy little girl after years of waiting on a shelf. I think she is happy, if I'm not mistaken her eyes twinkle just a little brighter as she travels the world holding hands with her new little friend.