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The best description of Pathfinder I can think of is a maze of battleships. The game has 2 phases, set up and play. During set up, each player has a hidden board on which they set up, not a set of ships, but a maze with small rectangular plastic walls. They place a sitting man figure somewhere in the maze.

During play, each player takes turns to call out steps along the opponents maze (blind) until they bump into a wall. They have a duplicate board on which they track their knowledge of the opponent's hidden maze. Then the other player goes.

The game consists of a nifty plastic case that closes up to form a "suitcase" for storage and transport. The winner is the first player to successfully trace a clear path to his opponent's hidden figure. Great two player strategy game !

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Do You Remember Pathfinder?

Do You Remember Pathfinder?

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    The game with lots of plastic orange squares you put on your half of the board