One Thousand and One cleaning fluid

This ad was aired only a few times in the very early '80s, but was memorable because it was so bizarre.

1001 was a multi-purpose cleaning and polishing fluid that is sadly no longer with us- a sort of cosmetic equivalent of WD-40. It's name sprang from the claim that it had 1001 uses. The ad. was a short cartoon, which opened with a glum downtrodden housewife hoovering her living room, when suddenly an enormous cat with a German accent springs into view, singing 'Von Tousand und Von, Hi Ho!" He goes on to transform the lady's day, by demonstrating how the amazing lotion can halve her housework- it ended with them both dancing across the room with the housewife twirling her vacuum cleaner like a cheeleader's baton.

The cat was almost as big as she was, and had a vamp-ish face with protruding teeth and a bat-like snout. And WHY did he have a German accent? Your guess is as good as mine!

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19 June 2011

Do You Remember One Thousand and One cleaning fluid?

Do You Remember One Thousand and One cleaning fluid?

  • Anonymous user
    One thousand and one, one thousand and one cleans a big big carpet for less than half a crown. I sometimes find myself singing that to myself even now. such a catchy jingle.