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"Nutty" was a reguler weekly comic that ran in the UK from 1980 to 1985 - there were 292 issues until it merged with The Dandy.

The cartoon character Bananaman first appeared in it before going into his TV series. I remember the characters in it like, 'Big n Bud' who were like Pete n Dud and would tell jokes, there was also "Scoopy", the runaround hound with the nose for news, and then there was "Starship Lollypop", a bit like Star Trek and Peter Pest who would annoy his sister whenever she had a new boyfriend, also the snobs and the slobs.

Excellent Comic!

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Do You Remember Nutty?

Do You Remember Nutty?

  • Andrew Dexter
    I had quite a large collection of them piled up over the years, then a friend i went to school used to come round and read the 'big n bud' jokes, so i gave the lot to her, i wish i didnt now, they could be worth something couldnt they roxxy? never see them at comic marts do you? nevermind, we still remember nutty, cheers roxxy.
  • Anonymous user
    Gosh yes, I'd forgotten 'Nutty'- only bought it a few times, didn't it have quite a small circulation. There was a pest of a boy at my school who we nicknamed 'Nutty' (his surname was Walden, which became Walnut and subsequently Nutty)- he looked just like a chimpanzee! Once, a friend of mine cut out the title heading from the comic and stuck it on the back of Walden's blazer- loads of laughs!!