Noise Tube

No one I know seems to remember this thing. As simple as a hula hoop of frisbee, the noise tube was a tube/stick, about a foot long and a few inches wide, usually neon yellow, green, or orange in color. The whole purpose was to flip the stick upside down and then right side up again, and each time you flipped it over it would make this weird space/alien-like noise. Funny, the things that amuse you as a kid.

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08 April 2009

Do You Remember Noise Tube?

Do You Remember Noise Tube?

  • Anonymous user
    They're stilla vailable in science centres. There's a little thing inside that emits the "groan" as it falls and air passes through it. It's brilliant for showing everything accelerates at the same rate under gravity: tip it up and let the bit inside begin to fall. Then drop the whole thing and the groaning stops because both it and the outer tube are falling. Then catch the tube and the groaning starts again.
  • chimairacle
    i remember those! they sorta sounded kazoo-like. and i think there was a small part in them that you could hear/feel rattling when you turned them. they were big when i was a kid, not so much popular but an essential you'd find in all your mates' toyboxes.