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  • Tamagotchi Pets
    that sounds like me at my school, i loved small electronic things and although i never had a real tamagotchi, i had a bunch of other cheap ones which i linked together on the keyrings they came with. i particularly remember a light blue wing shaped one which instead of small animals or whatever that you looked after, it was a baby which grew into a human, then died and turned into an angel, then died again and turned into a reaper/skeleton thing. It was really weird. I'd always take them to school and when teachers complained i'd always worry they'd die if i left them at home.
  • Polly Pocket
    I remember having a Polly playset when I was a kid, but nowadays I see them in the shops and it's so sad they dont make the pocket compact worlds with tiny little Polly's anymore. With todays thorough safety checks they probably saw them as a choking hazard cause they really were miniscule. Nevertheless, today's Polly's just don't compare.
  • Noise Tube
    i remember those! they sorta sounded kazoo-like. and i think there was a small part in them that you could hear/feel rattling when you turned them. they were big when i was a kid, not so much popular but an essential you'd find in all your mates' toyboxes.
  • Garfield
    i loved the comics and the tv show Garfield and Friends. I picked up a bunch of the comic books at garage sales and markets, i wouldnt be surprised if one day they were worth more than the 89c i paid to get them.
  • Yawnies
    I too still have my yawnie, he's the 14" version of Snoozey The Bear, the light green one with dark green splodges. As a kid I had always thought he was a cat and I had named him Yawnie, not knowing until recently that that was actually the brand name. Yawnie has always been my favourite toy ever since i was very young, and I took him absolutely everywhere with me, explaining why he is now rather worn. As a kid he also lived in my bed and he was perfect size for cuddling cause my arm fitted perfectly into the space in his mouth. I would love to get my hands on another yawnie to give to my kids if i have any in the future so that they can enjoy yawnies as much as i did.

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