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Night Court

Night Court was a long-running show that featured a small claims court at night in New York City with a host of intresting characters. There was Harry, the judge who loved Mel Torme and magic, Bull the bald and tall Baliff. There were various other associate baliffs, first one I don't remember her name on the show, second was named Flo and the third was Roz. The Defense Attorney was Reinhold "Dan" Fielding, a guy known for his promiscuity. Christine (one came before her) the Prosecuter. Mack, I believe was the court reporter.

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Do You Remember Night Court?

Do You Remember Night Court?

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    The first associate bailiff's name was Selma, played by Selma Diamond. The first public defender was named Billie. Dan Fielding had a lackey named Phil, who turned out to be an eccentric rich guy.