Mr. Pallachi Ventriloquist Doll

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Does anyone remember a very scary ventriloquist doll called Mr. Pallachi? He had bright red hair, big red lips, bright blue eyes and was very evil looking. Had some nightmares over this 'toy' thats for sure!

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Do You Remember Mr. Pallachi Ventriloquist Doll?

Do You Remember Mr. Pallachi Ventriloquist Doll?

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    His name was actually Mr Parlanchin and I remember him well!! My sister got one for Xmas 1971 and I was so scared of him. I hated that doll!! He had horrible staring eyes that would follow you round the room. I made my mum give him away to a jumble sale in the end. You see them appear on Ebay every now and then and they go for £100.00 or more!! You can also check him out on YouTube if you are feeling brave. AARGH!!! IT'S NASTY TAKE IT AWAY!!!