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  • Rentaghost
    I watched Series One recently and found it absolutely hilarious. Yes, it's dated but it has a certain charm and I love it. They would never make a kids' programme like this today. For one thing no kids ever appear in it. I also loved Dobbin the pantomime horse that appeared in the later series. In one particular scene the Meakers took it for a ride in their car and its head was sticking out of the sun roof! Mental but brilliant!!
  • Tippy Tumbles
    I still have my Tippy Tumbles although the little suitcase/battery box is long gone and her arm keeps coming off. I remember she made a really loud noise when she was switched on which was a bit creepy. And she looks spooky in my attic with her staring blue eyes and manic smile!! I have taken her to car boot sales with me to attract customers. Funnily enough no one has ever asked to buy her....
  • Thumbelina Doll
    I have a Toddler Thumbelina from 1968 which still works when you pull her string! Her legs and head move and she wears a pink dress. I also had Wake up Thumbelina. This doll was bigger and had a plastic body and fabric legs. When you pressed a button on her back she made this terrible grinding noise and turned over!! It was quite disturbing! I found her in my attic years later, and her legs had come off. I put her in my garden as a kind of alternative garden ornament. The kids walking past my garden all point and laugh!!
  • Drowsy Baby Doll
    My best friend had a Drowsy Doll in the 1970s and I just loved her. She was so pretty in her pink polka dot pjs and said the cutest things when you pulled her string. I asked for a Drowsy for Christmas but I never got one. I got a horrible blue talking Tom and Jerry instead which used to scare me!!
  • Tutty and Todd dolls
    I remember being on holiday in Pontins Wall Park in Devon in about 1974. The camp shop was selling Tuttie and Todd dolls and I so wanted them. On the last day of the holiday my mum said I could have one. I took ages choosing between the girl and the boy (I really wanted both) and finally chose Tuttie and played with her all the way home in the car. I still have her and she is lovely.
  • Baby Laughs A-Lot
    This doll is CREEPY!! Glad I never had one. If you watch her on YouTube her laugh is demonic. Sheesh, they made some strange toys in the 70s!! Toy makers were obviously told to add an element of terror to a lot of dolls produced then.
  • April Showers
    I had one of these when I was little!! She was such a pretty doll with a gorgeous smile and 2 little moulded bottom teeth. She sat in a yellow bath and splashed her arms in the water. The American version is called Tubsy and is a different doll but also really pretty.