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Movin' On

This television series was originally aired in the US on NBC between 1974 & 1976. The plot was about two truckers, one of them was college educated and the other a crusty old veteran trucker. They teamed up to by coincidence to haul cargo across america, this team worked out well with many happenings along the way.

The theme song "Movin' On" was a no.1 hit single during 1975 in the US charts. The phrase used by truckers across the CB radio at the time of this series was 'do it to it like Pruitt', this was reference to one of the characters 'Sony Pruitt'.

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Do You Remember Movin' On?

Do You Remember Movin' On?

  • Anonymous user
    All I can remember is that it was about a truck driver in the US called Sonny Pruitt who drove long distance trips across the states in an articulated green Kenworth ?) rig.