Monster Mash

Monster Mash was an ace version of “Pick-em-up”.

But instead of picking cards up with your hand you had a “Thwacker” (That’s not Donald Duck saying “Cracker”) which was a plastic stick with a hand on the end that was sticky. When the card you wanted appeared you had to be the first to “Thwack it”

Monster Mash was made by Milton Bradley / Parker Brothers and first released in 1987. And it’s got 4 “Thwackers” so 4 people can play it at any one time. It has 27 monster cards and a “monster-maker machine”.

So the aim of the game is to make or build a complete monster- and for this you need card with three pairs of eyes, three mouths, three bodies. The machine spins the cards randomly and when it stops you have to see the right card quickest and thwack it to get the card!

This game would ALWAYS degenerate into each of us thwacking each other over the head. It was a bit like Hungry Hungry Hippos in that you are hitting something and competing for the same objects. But of course this was great because of the “Thwacker”. You can’t beat a Thwacker. You really can’t.

And the other good thing was that when we played it we could play one of my favourite songs which was “MONSTER MASH” by Bobby Pickett.

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Do You Remember Monster Mash?

Do You Remember Monster Mash?

  • Anonymous user
    you had to put cards on the floor and slap this massive plastic hand down to pick them up!still got most of the bits somewhere what a wierd game!