This tragic hairstyle was adopted by the punk movement in the 70's, but carried on in to the 80's. The typical mohican is one where the sides of the head are shaved and the remaining hair in the middle is spiked using loads of fixant!(a few cans of hairspray).

It was also normal to see unusual coloured mohicans i.e. bright red, green or blue. As a child anyone sporting such a ridiculous hairstyle used to freak me out.

I remember a group of punks in our local shopping precinct with faded blue wobbly mohicans, causing trouble and spitting at each other.

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Do You Remember Mohicans?

Do You Remember Mohicans?

  • Anonymous user
    Ah, dear Punks- I remain one still, the punk message is if anythng MORE relevant now than it was in '77. Spitting at each other was a Punk sign of respect and admiration rather than contempt- to be honest, I never actually remember seeing anyone sporting a Mohican back then, though as I was only about 8 I didn't take the wider public in much. I do remember seeing a few girls in tartan skin-tights though, plus the occasional nasal safety-pin. My mum always said that most Punks she met in those days were really nice- they were always helpful to her and never caused any trouble on their own account, it was the so-called 'straight and respectable' people who were always laying into THEM.
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    as i put on big hair my mohawk was 2 ft high was an array of colours [although not at the same time] the best being a lovely aubergine purple crimped down the back which was right down to my bum my mum hated it at first but she came round and used to shave the side for me , i had a wide mo as the thin ones used to flop to 1 side and look very sorry for them selfs