Meritus Kitchen

The toy kitchen set was made in 1984 by Meritus Industries. Meritus was merged with DSI Toys in the early 90s. The unique thing about this set is that all the plates have faces on them - not the traditional 70s yellow face with black smile/eyes, though, as the cup has blue eyes and rosy cheeks. The toy was about 12in high, so much smaller than that other child's culinary favourite - the A La Carte Kitchen. Like many toys of the 80s, the Meritus kitchen required batteries - but your purchase was always well rewarded, as these batteries would light up the overhead over, the microwave, TV, telephone, and even helped the hobs to vibrate (imagine if that happened in all kitchens!).

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Do You Remember Meritus Kitchen?

Do You Remember Meritus Kitchen?

  • Anonymous user
    All i have left is a cup, but remember having plates too.