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Meatloaf, or Meat to his friends, sang so many good rock songs. Best album of his HAS to be "Bat out of Hell". The title track of that album is possibly one of the best known songs ever. And "Dead Ringer For Love", the duet with Cher, is another.

John Steinbeck, who wrote most of his songs, was also a singer, although his albums got nowhere near as high in the charts.

I think that was because of the stage presence Meatloaf has. He's truly a rock and roll legend.

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Do You Remember Meatloaf?

Do You Remember Meatloaf?

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    Never spell his name as one word - From what I've read, apparently he hates that! And John Steinbeck was the author of the 1939 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel 'The Grapes Of Wrath' - Meat Loaf's songwriter's name was Jim Steinman!