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Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick was a baby-faced actor who brought a cheeky, geeky charm to roles such as Ferris Bueller in the classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off and under-rated fantasy flick Ladyhawke.

Hollywood seemed not to know what to do with him as he aged - too old for teen movies, too boyish for adult leads, but he has nevertheless made some interesting career choices that show he can act (Torch Song Trilogy, Election, The Cable Guy) as well as carving a voiceover niche (The Lion King).

Matthew Broderick is once again on a career high due to his success in The Producers.

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Do You Remember Matthew Broderick?

Do You Remember Matthew Broderick?

  • Anonymous user
    My favorite memory of Matthew Broderick is his never-to-be-forgotten role of the notorius Inspector Gadget, a live-action Movie, based on the Cartoon Series, which I grew up with in the 1980's. He played Robo-Gadget, and this was well done. This Movie was released by Walt Disney in theaters in the Summer of 1999, and came out onto Videocassette in 2000. I still have my copy of the film, and Joely Fisher was a great actress, playing the role of Dr. Brenda Bradford... and who could forget Rupert Everett, playing the fiesty Dr. Claw? But, Matthew Broderick was THE best acting part of the Movie... Disney could not have picked a better actor than Matthew Broderick to play Inspector Gadget.