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Up against the other crimebuster shows of the time (Knight Rider, Street Hawk, Airwolf, Manimal), Matt Houston's oil-rich Texan playboy had his work cut out to keep viewers gripped. However I seem to remember he had rather a swanky penthouse, helicopter, probably a jet, yacht, glamorous assistant, Magnum-esque facial hair and flip-top table with a hidden computer underneath. Quite why he didn't put this triumph of PC technology in pride of place in his office is beyond me, but I guess that would have looked rather less swish.

As to the actual plots of the show, how should I know? It was the 80's... flashy accessories was all anyone cared about. Most likely there was something involving drugs runners. Or oil company espionage. Or oily runners secretly taking drugs.

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Do You Remember Matt Houston?

Do You Remember Matt Houston?

  • Gojira
    Houston's PA/sidekick was C.J., played by Pamela Hensley, better known as Princess Ardala in Buck Roger in the 25th Century