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Manic Miner

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Manic Miner was arguably the best game ever produced. It originally ran on the ZX Spectrum and was a game where you guided miner Willy going through various increasingly difficult levels. Manic Miner was highly addictive and well before its time.

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Do You Remember Manic Miner?

Do You Remember Manic Miner?

  • KaLore
    This is sad really,anyone remember the infinate lives cheat for the speccy? 6031769 lol One of the CLASSIC games for the Spectrum although whoever programmed the amiga version failed to put a critical ledge in the right position and so you couldn`t complete the level...... Thanks Mathew smith for creating what was one of my most enjoyable periods in my youth playing Manic Miner.
  • Anonymous user
    I found a couple of C64 archives recently and played a bit of Manic Miner. It all came flooding back - the precision we learned to play with is still like second nature!