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Madlibs were ______ (adjective) booklets sold in _______ (noun pl) near the _______ (noun) rack. Imagine a whole book of Fill In the Blank on newsprint and add rudimentary illustrations. Used them quite a lot at home when I was at pre-school because my mother thought it would ground my language skills.

The task was to fill in the blanks of a passage with the prompted type of word (be it an adjective, adverb, noun, verb, geographical location, silly word...). A simple premise which I believe was invented by a couple sitcom writers in the 1950s and took classrooms by storm.

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Do You Remember Madlibs?

Do You Remember Madlibs?

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    I LOVE doing these still to this day. My friend and I just did some online today that were so hilarious. These were a wonderful invention that have provided me with hours and hours of side-splitting amusement. It will never get old for me.