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Little Lulu

Little Lulu was created by Marjorie Henderson Buell as a single panel cartoon for the Saturday Evening Post in 1935. Little Lulu also appeared in several comic books over the years.

Lulu' s life is filled with crazy adventures because she's a mischievous little girl. Along with the slightly overweight, ringleted Lulu, there are also Annie, her best friend, Tubbie, a on/off friend, and Alvin, the boy next door who is younger than Lulu but drives her insane.

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Do You Remember Little Lulu?

Do You Remember Little Lulu?

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    Wasn't she originally an American cartoon strip, who was franchised to appear in a British 'paper? As she was mostly pre-War, I obviously don't remember her heyday, although I have come across old Little Lulu annuals in bookshops. One such came in to the bookshop I work at, which raises money for Amnesty International- we were able to sell it on the internet for about £40. It included a funny story where Lulu is telling a friend a moralistic fable about 'The richest little boy in the world' who rode a six-wheeler tricycle and tried to buy the Atlantic Ocean. One day, he passes a poor girl who is looking in enviously at the window of a sweetshop- taking pity on her, he buys the shop, but far from giving her any of it's contents he rolls the window-blind down so she won't be tempted any more!! A sardonic comment upon Thatcherism decades before it became known as a phenomenon!