Little Kiddle

Little Kiddles! I had a jillion of them! I had a two story house with an elevator for them, beautiful in hot pink and aqua plastic. My personal favorite was a bedtime Little Kiddle whose honey-blonde hair fell to her ankles.

There were also Skiddle Kiddles, who had an odd sort of contraption attached to their backs to make their legs "run". There were scented Little Kiddles too, I remember a peppermint one and floral ones that came in plastic flower-shaped holders. I found "Sweet Pea" after about 4 years in storage and the scent was still killer strong!

Little Kiddles made the *best* babies for Barbie, which isn't surprising as they were made by Mattel.

The average Little Kiddle measured between 2 and a half inches to 3 and a half inches tall and all had poseable limbs and rooted hair.

There were 24 different Little Kiddles in the original collection and each doll came with accessories and a storybook. Just a few names from the original Little Kiddle collection were Babe Biddle, Calamity Jiddle, Freezy Sliddle, Liddle Diddle and Slipsy Sliddle.

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Do You Remember Little Kiddle?

Do You Remember Little Kiddle?

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    My mother had bought me the Sweet Pea one at a garage sale back in about 83 or so. I still have her!!