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Linda McCartney 'Toppers'

One of the few things in the Linda McCartney range that seems to have been phased out during the '90s, which is a great shame.

They were like chicken rissoles (though without the meat, of course) but had a cheesey-tomato topping, with the whole thing cooked in breadcrumbs.

When I became a veggie back in January '89, the McCartney range was one of the few vegetarian frozen options available, and I loved these- though only had them about twice before they seem to have been deleted for some reason.

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Do You Remember Linda McCartney 'Toppers'?

Do You Remember Linda McCartney 'Toppers'?

  • Tonybiker
    Tried her sausages once - like putting a knife and fork to a dog turd. Some of her stuffs good though.
  • Anonymous user
    I agree! I used to live on these toppers from Linda McCartney. Every time I visit the Health Food Shop I always look out for these or something similar. I can't believe they stopped selling these as they were yummy!