Lil' Loggers

These were quite literally little loggers. They were small and floated and you could play with in the Bath Tub.

Lil Loggers made you feel like you were some kind of giant working in a timber factory with the characters, as you sat next to a stream sorting out the logs that you were sending down river…

Though the extra special thing about THESE loggers was that their pets could be used as squirt guns and there was also a sponge shaped like a log that they would float in.

Good solid bath time entertainment!

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25 November 2011

Do You Remember Lil' Loggers?

Do You Remember Lil' Loggers?

  • Anonymous user
    Thanks to Cincinnati Sci-Fi for providing the picture
  • Anonymous user
    I was trying to remember what these were called! For the longest time I've been searching for these - and tonight I finally saw a few up for auction. I remember I had one - and had lots of fun in the tub!