Le Jardin

I remember this perfume from the late 80s. Le Jardin, made by Max Factor, was very floral and came presented in an oval-shaped bottle with a white lid and an orchid printed on the lid. It had top notes of: neroli, honeysuckle, peach and bergamot, heart notes of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, geranium and ylang-ylang, on base notes of amber, cedar, myrrh and musk.

Le Jardin was very pure and feminine in its advertising, with Jane Seymour appearing in the ad campaign for the day scent. They brought out a 'night' scent to match this one, which came in a black bottle instead of white. It smelled a bit like poison to be honest, but despite this I bought both scents and believed I was God's gift whenever I wore it!

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Do You Remember Le Jardin?

Do You Remember Le Jardin?

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    I loved this stuff and my mate was really into more 'spicey' perfumes. One day, as teenagers do, a fight broke out between us....which we'd always end up laughing as we argued and it got sillier...all I remember was that she'd hurled and insult at something I wore, so I targeted her choice of perfume to which she retorted 'well it's better than that bloody 'Le Compost Heap' stuff that YOU wear!