Laughing Bag

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My dad bought me one and i took it to school and set it going in storytime. I was told to stand in the corner and face the wall afterwards. It was a pink box with a little plastic record inside. it was in a yellow cotton bag with loads of laughing faces on it. All you had to do was press the button to set it off.

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Do You Remember Laughing Bag?

Do You Remember Laughing Bag?

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    These were around all over the place when I was little! My gosh they were annoying things! I got In big trouble this one day, I had a killer headache and my desk mate had been setting her laughing bag off like every ten minutes in playtime and lunch hour and she just wouldn't stop. I finally tackled her, grabbed it and smashed it against the wall till it stopped laughing forever. I was sorry after and we bought her another one but they banned them in school soon after that, it was getting past a joke.