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Land Of The lost

Land Of The Lost was a TV show on in the 70s, devised by brothers Sid and Marty Krofft. It featured a dad (Marshall) and his two kids (Will and Holly), who all go on a canoing trip. The greatest earthquake known to man then strikes, which plummets them a thousand feet below the surface into some time vortex. They find themselves in a land filled with dinosaurs and other creatures. One species is called the Sleestak and are always tring to attack, but hate bright light and fire. The three humans try to survive in this strange world, while still trying to find a way home. But do they survive...

Find out in Universal's planned movie of the TV series due out in 2009! It could go down the same route as the 90s TV series remake, which flopped, but worth a watch for memories' sake, surely.

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Do You Remember Land Of The lost?

Do You Remember Land Of The lost?

  • ferrerorochelle
    yes i remember this show i think it was aired on a sunday afternoon on channel 4 for a while in the mid 80's too