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Kung Fu Monthly

Kung Fu Monthly was available throughout the 70s post-Bruce Lee. It lasted for 79 issues and was actually a giant Bruce poster that was folded into an A4-size 'zine. You read each side and gradually unfolded it bit by bit, after you had read all of the martial arts info and updates. On the other side was your full-sized poster to go on your wall and collect.

My bedroom wall was covered in Bruce Lee posters, thanks to 'Kung Fu Monthly. I believe they are still highly collectable and sought after - especially limited-edition posters. I gave all of my posters away to my mate's younger brother in the 80s, as I thought it was only right to pass them on to a new generation of Bruce fans! R.I.P. Master Lee.

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02 February 2016

Do You Remember Kung Fu Monthly?

Do You Remember Kung Fu Monthly?

  • Anonymous user
    I have issues 1-71 with the exception on No2. Anyone interested in buying them? A lot of them have been on the wall.