Krull (1983)

There is trouble on the planet of Krull. An indestructable monster and an army of evil beings known as "Slayers" have invaded and kidnapped the Princess Lyssa.

Now Prince Colwyn, her fiance, must seek out a magic weapon and use it to somehow defeat the Monster and his army. Various others join with Colwyn for his journey, a cyclops and a wizard among others.

This movie was released in 1983, and is an amazing visual experience for its time. The "Magic weapon" is pretty cool looking, it's a 5 bladed knife which comes back when thrown. I want one!

All-in-all it's cheesy 80s fantasy at it's finest.

Definitly worth checking out!

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05 December 2006

Do You Remember Krull?

Do You Remember Krull?

  • Anonymous user
    Starring Ken Marshall (in leather trousers), Lysette Anthony and Freddie Jones, Krull was the best film ever... when I was about ten. Prince Colwyn (Marshall) must travel to the forboding Black Fortress in order to confront 'The Beast', who has stolen away his beloved Lyssa (Anthony). Also featuring appearances by Alun Armstrong, Robbie Coltrane, Liam Neeson, Todd "Tucker Jenkins" Carty and Francesca Annis as the creepy 'Widow Of The Web', Krull is full of action, adventure, horror, romance and truly naff special effects. Although, the scene in the 'Great Swamp' where Colwyn's cyclops mate impales a changeling on his trident has aged surprisingly well and remains effectively grotesque.
  • Anonymous user
    I remember the bad guys brains shreeked when they died and went into the ground..great movie =)