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Knots Landing

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This was the spin-off from Dallas as Gary was another son of Jock and Miss Ellie Ewing. Gary had left home years ago not wanting to be part of the Ewing Empire. He married young and Lucy Ewing was his daughter (brought up by Jock and Miss Ellie). The show was about their lives and that of their neighbours and friends.

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Do You Remember Knots Landing?

Do You Remember Knots Landing?

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    The best of all the 80s American soaps altho probably one of the least appreciated (here in the UK). I remember one series ended with Sid Fairgate's car driving off the edge of a cliff then... it disappeared off our screens for years - it later returned during a daytime slot so my mother used to have to video it for me and my sister whilst we were in school. Every now and again we'd get a guest appearance from one of the Dallas cast. Something that the writers of Dallas didn't think about when they brought in the whole "Bobby's death was just a dream" scenario was that Knots Landing had also made reference to his death and Val and Gary even named their son Bobby after Gary's dead brother. Me and my sister used to make up words to go with the theme tune!!