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In the heady daze of the early 80's King Crimson were re-born and recorded their best album (in my opinion) called "Discipline". The history of King Crimson though goes way back to the late 60s...

King Crimson were formed in 1968 by maverick guitarist Robert Fripp. Never predictable, their first album "In The Court of the Crimson King" was released in 1969 and featured Greg Lake (later of Emerson Lake and Palmer) on vocals. Apart from the title song, the 'biggie' from this album was "21st Century Schizoid Man" ? much covered by bands wanting to attain an air of intellectuality. Sadly most bands that covered this song failed miserably and just looked like plonkers!

Their live sets around this time (apparently) featured incredibly complex improvisations and baffled many critics, one of which (I don't know the name) called them the most evil band around!

Their subsequent albums constantly intrigued listeners by juxtaposing different rhythmic patterns and discordant guitar riffs. They disbanded in 1974 after the groundbreaking album "Red". Robert Fripp continued with lots of solo stuff and went on to play for David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Blondie... the list goes on.

King Crimson returned in 1981 with an absolute blinder called "Discipline" and once more made their mark in music history.

Recommended listening would be for "The Young Persons Guide to King Crimson" for their earlier psychedelic stuff and "Discipline" for the later punchier stuff... go experiment and check out Robert Fripp solo stuff too... and go and see him do one of his more unconventional gigs if you can.

Oh and did I tell you my favourite album of theirs was "Discipline"?

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Do You Remember King Crimson?

Do You Remember King Crimson?

  • borgduck
    WRONG! Their best album was In The Court Of The Crimson King!!!!