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K C and The Sunshine Band

American music group, founded in 1973 by band members, Harry Wayne Casey (KC) and Richard Finch. Their first two single releases did well to reach the charts but it was their 1974 hit "Rock Your Baby" that hit the top spot in 51 countries.

Other hits include: (1975) Get Down Tonight (1975) That's the Way (I Like It) (1977) I'm Your Boogie Man (1976) Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty (1977) Keep It Comin' Love (1977) Boogie Shoes (From the Original Movie - Saturday Night Fever) (1979) Please Don't Go (1983) Give It Up

Although the group came to an end during 1981, the revival of disco music brought them out of retirement in 1991. Another album "Oh Yeah" was released in 93', although the album was popular it did not sell as well as expected. The group have continued to be in the music industry to date, they sang one of their hits "Get Down Tonight" on American Idol in 2009.

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Do You Remember K C and The Sunshine Band?

Do You Remember K C and The Sunshine Band?

  • Anonymous user
    The first time I saw K.C. I could't believe he was white ! The band reminded me of the Bitchen Black Bands with the horn sections!