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Johnny Nash

"I Can See Clearly Now" was Johnny Nash's best known hit single which was released in 1972. Johnny was the first non-Jamaican to record reggae music in Jamaica, he recorded "Stir it up" which was written by Bob Marley prior to Marley's success.

Born in Texas in 1940, the American singer-songwriter began his career in the music industry during the 50's. He was also a credible actor, including taking the lead role in 'Taking the Giant Step' (released in 1959 and produced by the great Burt Lancaster) and starred along side Dennis Hopper in 'Key Witness' in 1960. During the years of 1965 to 1971, Nash & Business Partner Danny Sims formed a record label which were involved with the likes of Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer & The Cowsills.

Other Johnny Nash tracks include: "Cupid" - 1969 "Tears On My Pillow" - 1975 "Wonderful World" - 1979 "Let's Go Dancing" - 1979 "Rock Me Baby" - 1985

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Do You Remember Johnny Nash?

Do You Remember Johnny Nash?

  • The Droog
    This man made some really good pop reggae records probablly not cool to say that now but i rated him with songs such as "more questions than answers and i can see clearly now the rain is gone"Have a listen!!!!