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Johnny Logan

Irish singer / songwriter was best known for his hit single "What's another Year" which he performed whilst representing Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978 and won. The hit reached number 1 in the UK charts, Johnny went onto release a further 40 singles and numerous albums and has been involved in theatre and television work to date.

Born in Australia in 1954 to Irish parents, his real name is Sean Patrick Michael Sherrard, Johnny Logan was his stage name. His father was an Irish Tenor (Patrick O'Hagan) who performed numerous times at The White House for Richard Nixon, John F Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.

One of his most memorable songs was "Hold Me Now" which reached number 2 in the UK Singles Chart in 1987, this was the second song performed by Johnny in the Eurovision Song Contest to win. He did go on to win a 3rd Eurovision by composing a song for Linda Martin, "Why Me" in 1984.

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Do You Remember Johnny Logan?

Do You Remember Johnny Logan?

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    Johnny Logan's music inspires me, his music makes me want to feel alive. Im going on the x factor to sing one of Johnny's songs called we all need love. Thanks Johnny. le gra xxxxxxxx