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Jim Diamond

Jim Diamond was formerly the lead vocalist with early 80s group Ph.D, who scored a sizeable chart hit with the song 'I Won't Let You Down'. His biggest solo hits were 'Hi Ho Silver' (the theme tune from Boon) and the chart-topper 'I Should Have Known Better'.

Jim's voice has also frequently been used on charity singles, including 'You'll Never Walk Alone', 'Sailing' and 'Let It Be', as well as on a number of Genesis tracks. Before life with Ph.D he sand in a number of smaller bands from the age of 15, including one that also boasted a member of AC/DC.

It was when Jim contracted hepatitis that Ph.D decided to part ways, and he was signed as a solo artist. More recently, Jim has been working with the saxophonist from soul band M People. He released a studio album in 2005, proving he stll has what it takes after all these years.

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Do You Remember Jim Diamond?

Do You Remember Jim Diamond?

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    'I Should Have Known Better' annoyed me due to it's second line 'To lie to one as beautiful as you'. In other words, if she had been plain and frumpish it would've been OK to tell her fibs and nobody'd be bothered!!