Jill was a fashion doll produced by Vogue in the late 50s, early 60s after the success of their previous doll, Ginny. Sales for the Jill Doll started to dwindle following the release of the more popular Barbie doll but the dolls are now considered collectors' items.

Jill dolls generally measured around ten and a half inches and were all made of hard plastic. Although Jill's waist didn't swivel, she did have jointed knees. There were different versions of Jill available including a blonde, brunette and auburn doll. Separate outfits were available for Jill and she could also swap dresses with Vogue's doll Jan.

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Do You Remember Jill?

Do You Remember Jill?

  • Anonymous user
    My cousin had Jill. I was terrified of her when I was little. I wouldn't stay in the same room as the doll unless someone was with me.I was afraid it would start talking or come alive lol. Of course now I know how silly that was.
  • Anonymous user
    I have this doll. I have her candystriper outfit/tape as well as her original clothes/tape. She has such a cute voice and theme song! She is big and heavy and has some amazing features!