Jenny Doll

Christmas 1979: I was DESPERATE for a Fisher Price Jenny Doll, oblivious to the fact that she resembled Chucky in drag. Sadly, I got the male version - Mikey - instead.

Jenny was part of the "My Friend" series from Fisher Price. The line actually began in 1977 with My Friend Mandy. Jenny came along in 1979. Both dolls measured around 16-inches tall and had cloth bodies, a vinyl head and rooted hair. You could also buy additional clothing to dress the dolls in.

In 1982 more friends were added to the My Friend series including Becky, Mikey and Nicky.

Jenny Doll was reissued in 1984 and several changes were made to her appearance. As well as her hair getting shorter, the doll also became a bit taller.

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09 July 2008

Do You Remember Jenny Doll?

Do You Remember Jenny Doll?

  • Anonymous user
    i have a jenny doll with pink spiky hair, i would love it to see other pictures of these dolls, as i dont know much about them. i have had mine now for 24 years and was always my favorite toy!
  • Anonymous user
    This doll seemed great at the time but now looks rather outdated.