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Jane's Addiction

1986 was the start of the bands thrust into the spotlight with their first album 'Nothings Shocking' which was banned from many record outlets due to its artistic album cover. Jane's Addiction was now popular in the world of Rock and was thought to be one of the most respected and formidable bands. With the release of their debut album, they were the opening act for punk legend 'Iggy Pop' and it wasn't long before they held their own headlining tour.

Due to a long touring schedule, the band took a break in 1989 due to exaustion and drug addtiction and went onto record album number 2, however, this took 5 months to record due to the band members never being together at any one time during recording sessions.

The second album 'Ritual De Lo Habitual' followed in the footsteps of the debut album in being banned again due to the controversial album cover but after a very successful tour, the band split at the end of 1991 due to severe drug addiction.

Two of the band members, Perry Farrell and Stephen Perkins went on to form the band 'Porno for Pyros' which was fantastic news for Jane's Addictions fans. The band had close connections with band member of the 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers' and eventually reformed 'Jane's Addiction' in 1997, this was not to last that long at the band split once again

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Do You Remember Jane's Addiction?

Do You Remember Jane's Addiction?

  • Gojira
    Their song Been Caught Stealin' was used in a film. Anyone remember which one?