Jacobs Club

One of my favourite adverts was for Club biscuits. It opened showing a huge red button on the floor with banners and signs all round it saying things like 'Danger - Do Not Push' and 'Keep Out'.

Enter Club biscuit; looks at the button and walks round it for a while, then gently touches the button, then a bit harder and finally ends up jumping up and down like a mad thing on it. The inevitable happens; there's a massive explosion with Club biscuit being blown to bits. Strap line: Jacobs Club, incredibly thick chocolate!

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Do You Remember Jacobs Club?

Do You Remember Jacobs Club?

  • AndyGranda
    What about the early 70's advert with the song, 'If you like a lot of chocolate on yer biscuit, ...join our Club'?
    • Anonymous user
      They don't advertise that either because they no longer have a thick coating of chocolate on the biscuit. Such a shame.