Infaceables: Mystic Warriors Of Change

The Infaceables: Mystic Warriors of Change was a 1984 toyline by Galoob, in which plain-face characters grew more animalistic through the use of vacuum suction.

The Interfaceables had faces which change from man to beast. When you extend the upper portion of the body, air would inflate and deflate the face completing the transformation - much better than Transformers, in my opinion. Unfortunately, the faces were made of thin rubber which easily tore or degraded, so not many have survived. Each figure was 6" tall and were packaged with exclusive weapons, as well as a belt, which was the same for all figures. I have the Torto the Claw figure - yes, his face is almost completely destroyed, and no, he looks nothing like a chicken!

Te characters were split into two groups - forces of good are led by Iron Lion and forces of evil by Tembo in the war for control of the earth. The heroic warriors are: Iron Lion (lion); Sphinx (cobra); Robash (robot); War Dog (dog). Evil warriors are: Tembo (boar); Brainior (skeleton); Torto the Claw (chicken); Tuskus (elephant)

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Do You Remember Infaceables: Mystic Warriors Of Change?

Do You Remember Infaceables: Mystic Warriors Of Change?