I remember Inchworm well. I had one when I was about 2 and recall riding it around in our living room butt-naked... don't know where those photos are now! But it was the BEST toy, and I wish so much they made them now. I found one once on the internet and it was about 200 dollars...I wanted to buy it so bad, but my husband would have killed me. I really miss that thing!

Inchworm was knows as a 'ride-on' toy, meaning that children could clamber onto the worm and sit on the yellow seat. As you bounced up an down on the seat the Inchworm inched forwards slightly as the body had a join underneath the seat. It was designed to look like a Geometrid caterpillar. When the Inchworm moved forward the wheels would make a clicking sound so it was rather noisy! Inchworm was released by Hasbro in the early 1970s.

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Do You Remember Inchworm?

Do You Remember Inchworm?

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    OMG i remember them well, my brother and i had them when we were about 4 and 5. we loved them so much. wish i had one for my son now! (DOB 1970)