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Inch High Private Eye

As the title suggests, this was a Private Investigator that was only an inch tall! He lived in a barrel around a St. Bernard's neck and solved crimes with the help of his pretty and slim female assistant and butch male Beverly Hillbilly-esque helper. It had much the same style as HongKong Phooey and the voices were a little too whiney, like Inspector Gadget. Inch High Private Eye never needed any special gadgets to do his job though. To bug the phone he'd just crouch behind it! All in all a nice, well rounded cartoon.

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Do You Remember Inch High Private Eye?

Do You Remember Inch High Private Eye?

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    The female assistant was his niece Lori- I remember her answering the 'phone saying "Oh Hi Uncle Inch!" Inch High worked for Mr. Finkerton, who ran Finkerton's Detective Agency. I remember one episode that scared me, when a wicked underworld gang built a robot double of Mr.Finkerton that swallowed Inch, and he had to find his way out again. You saw him struggling through the android's mechanical interior to escape- humanoid robots terrified me as a child, even in cartoon form, and that episode kept me awake more than a few times.