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Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget was a policeman who appeared to either be half man, half robot, or just have loads of clothes with gadgets in. I was never sure.

With his cry of "Go Go Gadget Somethings", something would pop out of him, and he suddenly be superpowered.

Go Go Gadget Helicopter, for example, would bring forth a helicopter from his head, complete with handles for steering.

His neice, Penny, usually tagged along to ensure he didn't get into any tight corners, and her dog Brain also helped loads.

Chief Quimby, Gadgets boss, usually gave Gadget his orders on self destructing pieces of paper, and Gadget would read them and promptly give them back, injuring Quimby every single episode.

You'd think he'd have learnt after the second or thind one.

The baddies were Doctor Claw, and his pet Mad Cat, who were well known for saying "I'll get you gadget!"

Mighty spooky.

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Do You Remember Inspector Gadget?

Do You Remember Inspector Gadget?

  • Anonymous user
    go go gadget arms!
  • slightlyodd
    ahh just been watching this today, always shocking just how thick gadget can be, he spent the whole episode convinced that Brain in a fake moustache was a mad agent and ignoring the huge robots trying to kill him