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Hula Hoops

Potato rings (crisps or corn snacks) are manufactured by KP snacks and were first introduced to the market in 1973 and are still a popular snack to date.

Past flavours include:

Prawn Cocktail - Purple packet Cheese - Yellow packet Smokey Bacon - Purple packet Beef and Mustard - Black packet

The early 90's ad featured the late Cab Calloway and his two cartoon drawing friends - a hula dancer and some canine character in a blue suit and with a moustache who always ate the Hula Hoop off the hula dancer's waist (thus making them supposedly not get along).

The product's then tagline (said by the blue suited and moustached canine) was 'Eat, Don't Hula'.

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Do You Remember Hula Hoops?

Do You Remember Hula Hoops?

  • InGen
    The yummy beef and mustard ones were marketed as "Big O's"