Does anyone remember the toy called Hugo? It was brilliant! It was like Girl's World but it was a bald man's head (I know this sounds weird but it's true) and you had to stick hair and beards and moustaches to it as well as warts etc. You could also use make up to give him black eyes! Genius! My 11yr old would love it!

Made by Kenner in 1975, Hugo Man of A Thousand Faces (or more probably about forty-odd) allowed you to alter the image of this bald man's head by creating disguises. For extra fun, you could also stick the disguises designed for Hugo on your own face as well. Hugo measured around 12-inches, but you didn't just get a head, you got a torso and arms as well. The head was made of vinyl and Hugo was dressed in a blue shirt. Packed in the box were a load of different accessories, these included - two glue sticks to help you fix on your disguises (whether this was fine for putting on your own skin, who knows!) two sideburns, two noses, two chins, glasses and sunglasses, four different scars, four warts, different eyes and an eye patch, fangs, a goatee beard, a head bandage a mask, a couple of moustaches and a wig. Endless hours of fun!

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Do You Remember Hugo?

Do You Remember Hugo?

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    I got the Hugo "doll" for X-Mas back in the mid-70's, and honestly, it was my favorite toy that year!!! He came with a whole array of hair pieces, beards, mustaches, and scars that you could apply to his head with the glue provided. I don't remember what became of Hugo, I spent more time applying the scars and beards to my own face than to the doll.